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As countless companies and tech titans vie for the lead in the race to develop self-driving technology, Zoox crafts a lane for itself.

The picturesque and world-famous Lombard Street in San Francisco is iconic for being notoriously hard to maneuver. Inexperienced drivers who have visited the tourist destination while in town may already be familiar with the anxieties that come with driving down its twists and turns. A year ago, self-driving automotive company Zoox set out to tackle the street. And a year later, and did it without a human controlling the steering wheel. 

The Foster City based startup is making waves in a crowded field. In the past few years, it seems like the race to develop safe and dependable self-driving automotive technology has reached new heights. And while the field is a competitive one, Zoox is creating their own lane.

Unlike other companies that are interested in modifying current cars to incorporate self-driving technology, Zoox is focused in developing its own zero-emissions vehicles that source this technology. The company is currently testing its technology on the streets of San Francisco, so while you might not see cars with people missing from the driver’s seat on the streets right now, Zoox is working towards a future that encompasses this bold and innovative idea.

As the company employs these test vehicles on the streets with human drivers overseeing all activities, Zoox is constantly updating its software every two weeks to ensure that the cars are soaking in the human experience of getting behind the wheel. The software uses sensors on the car to determine available space to navigate through. 

While the company is rightfully keeping the details of its tech under wraps throughout the testing period, it has stated that each car will include electric motors, and a battery capable of powering each car for a full day of driving. It additionally will include a safety alert system to ensure pedestrian’s safety, as well as the previously mentioned sensors. 

“Mobility is approaching a major inflection point, and Zoox has set itself apart from entrenched players as the only company creating a solution purpose-built to meet the needs of a fully autonomous future. I look forward to helping the company’s exceptionally talented team continue to grow as we unlock more technical and commercial milestones,” said Zoox CEO Aicha Evans.

The startup has previously said that it hopes to have these cars on the market in 2020. Until next year, we can only imagine how autonomous-driving technology and the cars powered by these advancements will shape the future of human transportation. 

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