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Why the EB-5 Visa is right for Canadians

If you are a citizen of Canada and would like to live permanently in the USA the US EB-5 visa program may be your answer.

Canadians have discovered that the EB-5 visa has enabled them to get permanent resident status (green cards) for the applicant, their spouse and all their unmarried children who are under 21.

Canadians who are capitalizing on the current exchange rates and want to live permanently in the USA and have found the EB-5 visa particularly useful.


Who can benefit form the EB-5 Visa

Canadian retirees who each year have sought to escape the cold of the Canadian winters and spend several months in the welcoming climates of the southern USA. Some of these retirees have longed for the opportunity to move permanently to their winter retreats and the EB-5 visa can enable them to do this.

Canadian business people who want to work or to run a business in the USA and live permanently in the USA.

Immigrants from other countries who originally immigrated to Canada as they could not find a suitable visa option to gain permanent residency in the USA.

The EB-5 visa requires the applicant to fund $500,000 in what are termed regional center programs. The United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS) have approved over two hundred such centers to offer programs that qualify for this visa.

The US government views these programs as creating jobs in the USA – each $500,000 funding requires the creation of ten jobs in rural or an approved targeted employment area.

The Canadian dollar being at or above parity with the US dollar has spurred interest in the EB-5 over the past year or so. This combined with the cost of living in the US, favorable climate, and large spectrum of housing choices make the US a perfect place for retirees, parents whose kids are attending a US University or immigrant businessmen looking for new opportunity.

The EB-5 visa program has operated for a several years and a limited number of the regional center programs have now returned funds to their original, early applicants.



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