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Which is the Best EB-5 Visa Project?

Which is the best EB-5 Visa Project?

This is the most important question you can ask; it is also the one question that can only be answered with specific regard to what is important to you. With more than 200 EB5 visa regional center programs to choose from it is very difficult for you to make a choice without knowing all the implications. The question needs to be re-phrased slightly to:

Which is the best EB-5 visa project for me?

Let’s answer that question right now. To do that will require you to know what the most important criteria are for you:

a)    Security of my immigration status i.e. will I get me green card and will I keep it?
b)    How secure is my $500,000 i.e. who is actually responsible for my money?
c)    Is there a definitive exit strategy i.e. can the regional center tell me how I get my money back and when, with certainty? – Has anyone had their 500,000 back?
d)    Should I earn interest on my money? Understanding the difference between an offered return and an anticipated return. – Where can I find this information?

What type of regional center is right for me?
a)    Loan type
b)    Real Estate type
c)    Equity type

Remember: Every regional center is in competition to sell you on why their business plan is better than anyone’s else’s; they want your money and thus they carefully paint a picture of all the positive aspects of their regional center project often without making you aware of any negatives. We are not selling you any regional center. Our goal is to give you all the information and education you need to make the right choice for you. So how can you get this information? Simple:

We receive comparative independent information on the positive and negative aspects of proven regional centers rather than a single one. There is no charge for this information as centers pay us a fee which is NOT paid by you.

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