Unless you are from Canada or a Visa Waiver Program country, if you wish to enter the United States for a temporary stay, you will require a non-immigrant visa.  There are several categories of non-immigrant visas, depending on the purpose of your visit. The “B” visitor visa is a non-immigrant visa for those planning to enter the United States temporarily for business related purposes (not for employment) (B-1), or for pleasure including tourists and some requiring medical treatment(B-2).  Individuals planning to enter the U.S. for a different purpose, such as to study or to work must first apply for a different visa in the required category.


All applicants for visitor visas must show that they qualify for non-immigrant status under the Immigration & Nationality Act. The U.S. immigration system assumes that all applicants intend to immigrate to the United States on a permanent basis.  Therefore, in order to be appproved for a non-immigrant visa, applicants must overcome this presumption by showing that they plan to enter the U.S. for business, pleasure, or medical treatment, for a limited period, and that they will return to their home abroad at the end of the visit.  If a consular officer suspects the applicant will overstay the visa, the applicant will be denied.

Under U.S. immigration laws, some people are ineligible to receive a visa due to other problems such as prior immigration violations, a criminal record, admitted drug use or other issue.  In some cases, an applicant who is ineligible for admission to the United States may apply for a waiver of ineligibility and be issued a visa if the waiver is approved.


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