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Trump Administration Renews Temporary Protected Status for Yemenis in the United States

Earlier this month Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen N. Nielsen announced that Temporary Protected Status designation (TPS) would be extended for people from Yemen for an additional 18 months, through March 3rd, 2020. This news means that eligible nationals from Yemen currently living and working in the United States are able to stay in the country based on this status until the March 2020 date.

Temporary Protected Status is typically granted to nationals from countries affected by armed conflict or natural disaster, and allows these nationals to stay and work in the U.S. for 18-month periods. There are ten countries currently designated under TPS including:

• El Salvador
• Haiti
• Honduras
• Nepal
• Nicaragua
• Somalia
• Sudan
• South Sudan
• Syria
• Yemen

This news comes after various announcements by the Trump administration in the past year proclaiming the end of TPS for nationals from a number of other countries, including Honduras, El Salvador, Haiti, and Nepal. A smaller number of Nicaraguans and Sudanese have additionally lost TPS under the Trump administration. Nationals from these countries have been granted a period of over a year to leave the United States before their respective statuses expire in 2019.

Last year the Trump administration and the Department of Homeland Security refused to renew TPS for certain countries, including Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone. There are over 300,000 people in the United States who currently have TPS, with the majority of these people from El Salvador, Honduras and Haiti.

Yemen is one of the countries listed in the Trump administration’s travel ban. While this month’s news allows Yemenis currently living in the United States to remain in the country, the travel ban restricts nationals currently in Yemen from coming to the United States.

If you are currently in the country and have TPS, or are interested in how this news affects you or others, please reach out to your designated D’Alessio Law Group professional.

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