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Early Tuesday morning the world famous (and DLG favorite) Toronto International Film Festival lifted the curtains on this year’s programming for the 43rd edition of the festival. As the festival gears up for opening night on September 6th, moviegoers and festival attendees can expect a wide variety of highly anticipated film premieres and selections, and certainly Oscar contenders for next year. To get ready for this year’s festival, our team took a look at the array of films being showcased at the 43rd Toronto International Film Festival.

Beautiful Boy

Hot off of last year’s appearances in Academy Award nominated films Call Me By Your Name and Lady Bird, Timothee Chalamet stars alongside Steve Carell in the highly anticipated film Beautiful Boy. Based on a book following a father struggling to understand and help his drug-addicted son titled Beautiful Boy: A Father’s Journey Through His Son’s Addiction, the film is the first English-language film by highly acclaimed Belgian director Felix Van Groeningen. Additionally staring widely recognized actors including Amy Ryan, Timothy Hutton and Lisa Hamilton, the film follows Carell’s David Sheff as he watches son Nic Sheff, played by Chalamet, struggle with overcoming methamphetamine addiction. Filmed in Los Angeles and San Francisco, Beautiful Boy is scheduled for theatrical release by Amazon Studios on October 12th, and is expected to earn widespread notoriety from critics and audiences alike.

Life Itself

Written and directed by esteemed film/television producer and writer Dan Fogelman (This Is Us), Life Itself is an ensemble drama that follows a multi-generational love story that follows various characters across time and space that are connected to each other by a single occurrence. Starring household names including Oscar SIaac, Olivia Wilde, Anette Bening, Samuel L. Jackson, Antonio Banders and mandy Patinkin (to just name a few), Life Itself might be the most anticipated film at this year’s festival. The trailer for the film was released earlier this month, and outlines the concept of the film with a poignant quote by Wilde’s character. “Maybe the heroes and villains of our stories are actually just dayplayers in a much bigger movie,” check out the trailer ahead of the film’s premiere at TIFF.

A Star Is Born

Another high profile addition to this year’s festival is the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper vehicle A Star Is Born, which follows Gaga’s struggling artist character as she falls for Cooper’s seasoned musician. The film is a remake of the classic 1937 film of the same name, and additionally stars widely respected actors and comedians Dave Chappelle, Andrew Dice Clay, and Sam Elliot. The film has taken on new forms since starting production in 2011. The film was originally slated to be directed by Clint Eastwood and starring Beyonce, Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Smith and Christian Bale, though through years of changing hands Gaga and Cooper eventually signed on. The film additionally marks Cooper’s directorial debut within the industry, meaning that audiences will finally be able to see the result of his directorial chops behind the camera.

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