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  • It’s not exaggeration for me to say that DLG changed my life! What an amazing experience to work with such a highly dedicated, skilled and caring group of professionals.  The U.S. Immigration process can be daunting to say the least, but the people at DLG are not only well-versed in the nuances of this system, they are organized, methodical, systematic and thorough. And oh yes, wait for it… polite, friendly and helpful! These are people I want on my team for years to come. Thank you DLG!  

    Hunter Phoenix
    Hunter Phoenix Actress
  • I am so grateful to D’Alessio Law Group for their expertise, acumen and professionalism in helping us achieve our Immigration goals! Lorraine D’Alessio, Liz Profumo and the DLG team streamlined and successfully executed the process for our immigration to the United States from Canada -- an especially challenging process considering the ongoing political climate in the US.  We are looking forward to our continued global expansion, and continue to stay in contact with Lorraine and team for all of our immigration needs.  As the female founder of SheEO, it is my absolute pleasure to collaborate with and to support a fellow female founder and female-run company!

    Vicki Saunders
    Vicki Saunders Founder, SheEO
  • As the leading legaltech scaling start up in SouthernCalifornia, we needed business and immigration lawyers who have the most cutting edge knowledge and expertise for our global growth. We are complex. But, they know how to get in front of that and make the process simply stress free every step of the way. Thanks D’Alessio. CoParenter, Founder, Johanthan Verk

    Johanthan Verk
    Johanthan Verk CoParenter, Founder,
  • It's been a really really long process, with a lot of waiting time, frustration, and passion to get it done with.  I want to thank each and everyone of the people that worked on my case from A-Z. Today the interview went great and we got approved!I can't even tell you how much grateful I'm for you guys and appreciate you being patient with me. I wish you all the very very best and keep rock and rolling! Team of rock stars! Have a great holidays and your name being brought up each time anyone asks me about immigration.

    Benjo Arwas
    Benjo Arwas Photographer
  • Lorraine was amazing in helping me get my O1 visa. More than caring about her job Lorraine really cares about her clients and when I encountered obstacles to my getting a visa she not only stuck it out with me but was also more than helpful in solving the problems. Some people work at keeping their clients but Lorraine works at doing a great job. Top notch!

    Niles Seguin
    Niles Seguin Actor / Comedian
  • I had the pleasure of working with D'Alessio Law Group and I couldn’t have had a better experience. I had a great support, assistance and successful result for my case. Everyone was extremely helpful and courteous and they were always ready to answer any questions I would have at anytime. I would highly recommend D'Alessio Law Group.

    Marilia Colturato
    Marilia Colturato Actress
  • I recently got my O1 Visa approved with D'Alessio Law Group. From the outset, DLG treated my as a unique individual, like many creatives, but unlike the approach of a number of law firms.  My first consultation with Liz Profumo was extremely thorough, and I knew from the care and attention of this first, un-rushed meeting, that I was in extremely good hands. Throughout the whole process, from start to finish, I felt thoroughly prepared. I have absolutely no doubt that I had the best law firm working for me and supporting my case. Thank you DLG!

    Cat Sherwin
    Cat Sherwin Make-up Artist
  • Knowledge is confidence. D’Alessio Law Group knew all the answers to my many detailed questions, creating confidence for the entire process.

    Norman Yeung
    Norman Yeung Actor
  • I just received my O-1 visa renewal and boy was it a journey! After receiving an RFE for the first time, I was concerned for what would happen with my status in America. Luckily I had a great case manager who explained in detail and in confidence that all would be well. I have worked with D’Alessio Law Group for close to 7 years and I will always trust D’Alessio Law Group with all my legal matters. They are beyond efficient, patient, knowledgeable and detailed oriented which I greatly appreciate! Throughout  the whole process, I always felt at  ease when conversing with any member of the DLG team. I was confident that once again they would deliver and they sure did I will always recommend DLG to anyone needing legal assistance in anyway. I trust them wholeheartedly that they will be able to assist anyone in their legal matters. They continue to go above and beyond for their clients and it’s those little things that make DLG an obvious choice! Thank you so much to the whole team for helping my dreams come true once again! Dancer and Choreographer, Myrosia Palmer

    Myrosia Palmer
    Myrosia Palmer Dancer and Choreographer
  • From CEO & Attorney Lorraine D'Alessio, to Attorney Kelly Decsy, to Senior Paralegal Patrick Rowe, to Operations Specialist Daly Chapin, everyone on the D'Alessio team has unique and incredible skills apt to take on any immigration challenge with a tenacity, strength, great character, and grace. There is no other Firm able to do what the D'Alessio team, can. Unique in its kind, in its efforts, in its support, in its ability to succeed and up to date on the latest immigration rules and regulations, D'Alessio Law is the only Law Firm, I recommend to anyone in need of immigration assistance in the US, in Canada and worldwide, if they were to expand their team elsewhere too. I thank the whole team with all my heart, and hope to see them grow and flourish worldwide. Thank you so very much for your time, tireless efforts and assistance, and it is you, who inspired me.

    Chiara Paolinelli
    Chiara Paolinelli International Business Strategist


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