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    Jack C. Sung, U.S. immigration attorney and first-generation Taiwanese American, understands how frustrating the immigration process may be. Prior to starting his own law firm in 2007, Jack C. Sung held legal clerkships with the Honorable Senior Judge Takasugi in the Ninth Circuit Federal Court, as well as the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office and the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office.

    Mr. Sung is a graduate of Southwestern Law School, in Los Angeles, California. While working to obtain his Juris Doctor degree, Mr. Sun received 3 CALI Excellence Awards and he also authored “Killing Two Birds with One Stone: Giving Undocumented Workers All the Rights and Remedies under the National Labor Relations Act Deters Employers from Hiring and Exploiting Them”, 12 SW J.L. & Trade Am. 155 (2007), where he argued that extending employment law protections to undocumented workers will actually deter employers from hiring them.

    Mr. Sung now actively works as an immigration attorney, and is the current President of the Taiwanese American Lawyers Association (TALA), an organization dedicated to the success of Taiwanese American lawyers. Mr. Sung is also an active member of the Los Angeles County Bar Association (LACBA), where he was honored in 2011 with the Outstanding Public Service Award for his efforts to serve the immigrant community with pro bono representation.

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