Global Immigration

“These new rules make it much more difficult to become a legal immigrant in the U.S.” – Miami Herald

“The U.S. immigration system has undergone numerous changes under the Trump administration, which have strengthened the Department of Homeland Security’s ability to enforce immigration law.” Read More

“Kushner acts as a sounding board on legal immigration reform” – CNN

“As President Donald Trump strips some Central American countries of aidand denounces the influx of migrants at the southern border, his son-in-law and senior adviser Jared Kushner has been acting as a sounding board for internal discussions on reforms to the nation’s legal immigration system.” Read More

“EU elections: Eastern, southern Europeans dread emigration more than immigration” – France 24

“With just seven weeks to go before EU Parliament elections a sweeping study shows that, despite a rise in anti-immigration rhetoric, many Eastern and southern Europeans say they are more worried about emigration.” Read More


“Media Companies Take a Big Gamble on Apple” – New York Times

“Like many other media executives, Pamela Wasserstein was wary of tech giants and their attempts to go into business with content creators.” Read More

“Andreessen Horowitz isn’t alone in leaving behind VC as we know it — and more company is coming” – TechCrunch

“This morning, Forbes wrote a lengthy profile of Andreessen Horowitz, the now 10-year-old venture firm that its rivals love to hate but nevertheless tend to copy. ” Read More

“Huawei laptop ‘backdoor’ flaw raises concerns” – BBC Tech

“A flaw in Huawei Matebook laptops, found by Microsoft researchers, could have been used to take control of machines, the Times has reported.” Read More


“Talent Agents Under Fire: As Hollywood Writers Declare War, Who Will Blink First?” – Hollywood Reporter

“An April 6 deadline looms for WGA members and their reps, who are locked in a bitter standoff over fees and who can produce shows.” Read More

“‘Joker’ Teaser: Joaquin Phoenix Puts On A Happy Face For First Look” – Deadline

“The seriously creepy teaser for Warner Bros’ Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix has landed, and you don’t need to be clown-phobic to get the heebie-jeebies.” Read More

“Chance The Rapper, Tame Impala & Childish Gambino to Headline 2019 Splendour In the Grass Festival” – Billboard

Chance The RapperTame Impala and Childish Gambino will headline the 19th annual Splendour In the Grass, one of Australia’s most popular festivals.” Read More

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