Global Immigration

“Europeans Are Just As Worried Over Emigration As Immigration” – Forbes

“In the run-up to the European Parliament elections, a survey from the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) shows European voters are not as concerned with immigration as often believed.” Read More

“Trump Returns to Texas to Hone 2020 Immigration Message” – New York Times

“Fifteen days before the 2018 midterm elections, President Trump held a rally in Texas to deliver dire warnings about immigration that helped Ted Cruz, the embattled Republican senator, win his campaign for a second term.” Read More

“Trump Administration Mulls Tougher Immigration Policies Amid DHS Shake-Up” – NPR

“With a dramatic shake-up at the highest levels of the Department of Homeland Security, President Trump has signaled that he wants to get even tougher on immigration.” Read More


“Net Neutrality Bill Passes House, Fulfilling Promise by Democrats” – New York Times

“The House passed legislation on Wednesday that would guarantee broadband internet users equal access to online content, in a crucial step toward bringing back so-called net neutrality regulations overturned at the start of the Trump administration.” Read More

“Google Wing launches first home delivery drone service – BBC News

“Wing, owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet, will deliver takeaway food, coffee and medicines by drone to about 100 homes in Canberra.” Read More

“Uber, Lyft and the challenge of transportation startup profits” – TechCrunch

“In most cities, bus or subway fare might set you back $3 or so. A tank of gas, maybe $30 or $40 depending on your car. An hour of street parking? Read More


“Writers Guild Standoff Won’t End Hollywood’s Culture of Conflicts” – Hollywood Reporter

“Even if the scribes hold firm and a mass firing of talent agents ensues April  13, a Code of Conduct will not resolve business practices that have long been managed rather than prohibited.” Read More

“Warner Bros Succeeds Getting Trump Campaign Clip With ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Score Taken Down By Twitter – Update” – Deadline

“Hoping to avoid a legal dust-up, Warner Bros. is demanding President Donald Trump or Twitter take down a post that uses unauthorized music from one of their biggest movie of the last decade.” Read More

“Khalid On Course for First No. 1 Album on Billboard 200 Chart With ‘Free Spirit'” – Billboard

“Khalid is on course for his first No. 1 album on the Billboard 200 chart, as industry forecasters expect his new release, Free Spirit, to bow atop next week’s tally. ” Read More

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