The M-2 visa is a type of nonimmigrant family visa that allows the immediate family members of M-1 visa holders to enter and remain in the United States while the M-1 vocational student pursues a nonacademic course of study.

In order to be eligible for an M-2 visa, applicants must have an immediate family relationship with an M-1 vocational student. More specifically, you must be the spouse or child (unmarried and under the age of 21) of an M-1 student.

M-2 visa holders can spend the same amount of time in the United States as the M-1 visa holder, or travel in and out as often as they like. They may not, however, accept employment in the United States. If the M-1 visa holder successfully applies for an extension of the visa, the M-2 visa holders can also apply for extensions.

To obtain a M-2 visa, you should normally submit your application in conjunction with the student family member’s M-1 visa application. You can also do so after the M-1 applicant is granted the visa.

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