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How Does D'Alessio Law Group Work with Regional Centers?

How Does D’Alessio Law Group Work with Regional Centers?

EB-5 clients often ask us these questions:-

Q.    How are you paid?

A.    Regional centers or direct investment projects pay us a consultancy fee to educate you on the whole relocation process. Rather than work with just one or two regional centers we look into all active centers so we can provide information on the options.

Q.    Don’t you simply recommend the center paying you the highest fee?

A.    No. Regardless of what the centers normally pay we have agreed to terms with all centers to pay us within a prescribed level.

Q.    What happens if we don’t use you, will we save money? 

A.    No, regional centers pay us from their standard administration fee. And direct investment projects require the same administrative assistance in executing the application and completing the Green Card process. You save nothing by not using our service.

Q.    Do you recommend further due diligence?

A.    Yes we insist. Some clients decide to use a specialized accountant and/or a business attorney with experience of the EB5, others use an investment adviser, we can supply details of these services.

Q.    What happens if we have already made contact with centers and now need your critical independent input?

A.    Some centers still pay us as they value our role in giving an overview of the positive and negative aspects of the whole process that others simply don’t and they value our services to clients that save them time and resources. We will tell you this when you contact us.

Q.    How do we know you are impartial?

A.    We have turned down offers of much higher fees from some regional centers. This ensures we maintain our independence and cannot be accused of any financial bias – We maintain impartially and provide all the information you need to make an educated decision.

Q.    We understand some Attorneys and Consultants work with and/or advise regional centers on marketing, promotion and establishing new programs – do you?

A.    No, Never – We work to educate you the consumer – not the regional center.

Q.    Do we pay you any fees?

A.    With Regional Centers NO, but with Direct Investment projects that depends on your contracted involvement as a shareholder.

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