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How Do I Get A Chef Visa?

If you’re an international chef who has the goal of taking your life’s work to the United States, even knowing where to start with your immigration process can be a difficult task to take on. While certain occupations or jobs have very clear-cut visa options, the idea that there is no designated “Chef Visa” could be an overwhelming hurdle to cross when thinking about your pathway to the U.S.

Fear not! The O-1 visa is your friend for this daunting task. Known as the “extraordinary abilities” visa, the O-1 allows for individuals of extraordinary abilities in business, education, the arts, and sciences to come and work in the United States for up to periods of three years at a time! The O-1 visa has allowed for countless artists and chefs to come to the United States and grow their careers stateside and could be your best option for taking your career to new heights in the U.S.

As for earning the O-1B visa, which is specifically geared towards artists and performers, applicants must provide evidence satisfying three out of six criteria. For chefs, this can come in the form of any evidence that proves your career’s successes. Any restaurants of regard that you have worked at, people you may have collaborated with, reviews or press articles evidencing your craft, and records of major commercial successes or high salary are all types of evidence that could bring you one step closer to working in the United States.

Being able to prove that you have been leading or critical to the success of the people, restaurants, or organizations you have worked for is a major aspect of the O-1 visa. Additionally, having a valid job offer in the U.S. is a must. The more evidence of any critical or commercial successes, the better chance you have in nailing the visa process the first time through.

Any endorsement letters written by other chefs, professionals, critics, or peers within your field who can further evidence your critical and commercial successes is another crucial aspect needed to get your visa. To have a fellow chef or someone who can contextualize the significance of your achievements will only help you in the visa process.

If you’re looking for direction before setting out on your visa journey to the United States, D’Alessio Law Group is here to help. We’ve assisted countless chefs in receiving their O-1 visas, and have the tools needed to put together your visa petition. Don’t hesitate to reach out for a consultation today!

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