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The 23rd Annual COLCOA French Film Festival Returns to the Director’s Guild of America for a packed week of premieres, competitions, and the best in French film and television.

The COLCOA French Film Festival is back! Now in its 23rd year, the Hollywood based film festival is committed to promoting innovative French films and series in the U.S. and to showcasing vitality, diversity, and contributions made by French artists, performers, and professionals around the world.

After an extended break since the 22nd edition, COLCOA returns to the newly remodeled Directors Guild of America from September 23rd- September 28th, and will feature the work of numerous highly respected and equally innovative French artists. As sponsors of this year’s festival, D’Alessio Law Group is proud to support top French artistic talent, as well as their efforts in breaking fresh ground in the United States.

A new Dolby Visual projection system and Dolby Atmos system will showcase a wide variety of films, short films, series and productions at the Renoir Theatre. The festival will feature projects recently showcased at a number of the world’s most celebrated events, including the Cannes Film Festival and the Venice Film Festival, across three screens. The festival’s popular programs, series, and competitions are also back, so be sure to catch as many projects within the Film Nour Series, the Short Film Competition, the French NeWave 2.0, After 10 World Cinema, docuseries, roundtable discussions with French filmmakers, and other educational programs at the festival as well. 

One aspect that always has us excited about COLCOA is how the festival prioritizes education and advocacy. The festival is continuing its legacy of offering an ELMA supported education program to 3,000 high school students. It’s worth noting that by the end of this year’s festival, COLCOA will have hosted its 27,000th student across its 23 years, an impressive and equally admirable feat in the scope of filmmaking.

The festival will kick off with the screening of opening night film Les Misérables. Directed and written by Ladj Ly, the film reinterprets the Victor Hugo classic as a sprawling fresco of Ly’s native Montfermeil, a collection of sprawling housing projects. Highly anticipated projects to be featured at this year’s festival also include After 10 series films The Trouble With You (En Liberté), the Vincent Lacoste nominated Amanda, the Edith Piaf focused interview compilation film Oh les Filles! (Haut les filles), and the third instalment of Thomas Lilti’s The Freshman, a highly anticipated examination of a French med school program.

The festival is additionally teasing a surprise mystery closing film to be revealed Saturday night, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for whatever COLCOA has in store for us.

Are you a French or international filmmaker, artist, or professional working in entertainment? Do you have questions about continuing your work in the United States, or longstanding goals you’re looking to conquer in the near or distant future? Our team will be in attendance throughout all festivities as this year’s festival. If you want to meet up to discuss your immigration options, chat about a project you’re working on, or catch a screening together, be sure to email our team at info@dlgimmigration.com to meet up at COLCOA 2019.

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