DLG Client Spotlight: Photographer Benjo Arwas

Benjo Arwas is a highly distinguished Israeli photographer whose work has been recognized by a number of high-profile competitions and awards organizations including The Look competition, the International Photography Awards, and the Golden Camera Awards.  Mr. Arwas has graced the pages of a number of industry leading publications and magazines including Glamour, Elle MexicoPeople Magazine, Vogue Taiwan, Entertainment Weekly, and Esquire, while being featured in such widely celebrated exhibitions including MOPLA’s popular collaborative exhibitions Showbox Group Show, Instagram Jam, The Analogue Project, Photo L.A. in Los Angeles, PDN PhotoPlus International Conference & Expo, and FotoFever at the esteemed Carrusel du Louvre in Paris. On top of this, Mr. Arwas has lent his skills as a leading photographer to a number of world-renowned companies and organizations including global retail powerhouse Nordstrom, Smucker’s, Simon Mass Group, as well as Halston.

Having worked with a number of high-profile celebrity clients including Antonio Banderas, Andrew Garfield, Samira Wiley, Terry Crews, David Harbour, Broad City’s Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, Justin Theroux, and Evan Peters, Benjo’s skills have been sought out by all corners of the entertainment, fashion, and marketing industries.

Benjo took a moment from his busy schedule to answer a couple questions regarding his career highlights as a leading photographer, as well as his pathway to green card status in the United States.

1.What has been the highlight of your career, if you had to choose one project/moment?

My journey is my destination…there is no one specific highlight. Every project has its own unique experience, style, character and execution. I’m as good as my last photograph, and always learn and improve along the journey.

Recently I won at the IPA 2018 (International Photography Awards) – 1st AND 3rd places in the category of Fashion/Advertising, and 2nd place in Editorial/Celebrity. It’s a big achievement and I appreciate the recognition of my work as validation that I’m probably doing something right. It’s not only fulfilling to my passion and art/heart, but it also means a lot to me that other people feel the same way. It’s not ending here, and it’s just a small bit of my ongoing journey.

2. What projects are you currently working on, or have scheduled in the U.S.?

I work with US clients about 90% of my time. I’m currently working on seasonal campaigns for fashion and lifestyle clients, as well as directing video content and commercials. Besides that I have a lot of fashion, beauty and celebrity editorials lined up. I always find escape and creative freedom with my editorial work…that’s where I can find my voice and execute my visions with creative freedom.

Some clients I’m currently working with include Anine Bing, Lucky Brand, Elle Mexico, Vogue Taiwan, Esquire MiddleEast, J Brand, Beyond Yoga, Robin Piccone, and more

3. If you could provide one tip to others interested in pursuing a visa in the U.S., what would it be?

One tip: Hard work pays off…Your path might take 3 years, it could even take 10, and in some cases 6 months. Each person has their own time-frame. The most important aspect is not to give up, to maintain your tenacity, and to keep believing in yourself and in your dream. With that formula, and with DLG to help execute your case, you’ll be on your path towards securing your work visa.

Take a look at Benjo’s work on his official website, and keep your eyes open for his upcoming projects.

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