Global Immigration

“Does immigration strengthen or undermine tolerance?” – The Atlantic

“Moving from Malaysia to New Zealand, our family has seen it all. We have seen a brave new world of inclusive multiculturalism. We saw genuine efforts made to start understanding and embracing the unique culture we brought with us, just as we made our own efforts to understand and embrace the culture of our new neighbours.” Read More

“Swedes give boost to far-right anti-immigration party, even as it falls short of goals” – Washington Post

“Swedish voters angry about crime and migration on Sunday delivered a blow to two centrist parties that have traded power for decades, but an insurgent far-right party fell short of capturing a commanding position inside the parliament.” Read More

“‘Apply the Law’ — Sessions Cautions Immigrations Judges Against Allowing ‘Sympathy’ to Cloud Judgment” – National Review

“Attorney general Jeff Sessions called on incoming immigration judges on Monday to enforce the law without falling prey to defense attorneys seeking to pervert justice and their sympathetic clients.” Read More


Alibaba’s Chairman, Jack Ma, Plans to Step Down”- New York Times

“The Alibaba Group said on Monday that Jack Ma would resign as chairman, unveiling a leadership succession plan for the Chinese e-commerce giant as it faces a more uncertain environment at home.” Read More

“British Airways: Suspect code that hacked fliers ‘found'” – BBC Tech

“A cyber-security firm has said it found malicious code injected into the British Airways website, which could be the cause of a recent data breach that affected 380,000 transactions. A RiskIQ researcher analysed code from BA’s website and app around the time when the breach began, in late August.” Read More

“Investors are waking up to the emotional struggle of startup founders” – TechCrunch

“As the Gartner Hype Curve goes, from the peak of inflated expectations to the trough of disillusionment, so goes the founder’s emotional journey.” Read More


“Gayle King Slams CBS for Not Releasing Results of Moonves Investigation” – Hollywood Reporter

“Gayle King was missing from Monday’s CBS This Morning, after attending a wedding in Europe, but when she returned Tuesday she didn’t hold back from commenting on the recent developments involving former CBS CEO Les Moonves, who stepped down Sunday after more women came forward with sexual misconduct claims against him.” Read More

“‘A Star Is Born’ Review: Bradley Cooper And Lady Gaga Take On A Classic Hollywood Love Story And Make It All Their Own – Toronto Film Festival Premiere” – Deadline

“There probably isn’t a more durable franchise in Hollywood history than A Star Is Born. Even Star Wars, James Bond and their ilk can’t compete in terms of longevity with this star-crossed love story that has been a staple of movies since 1937 when Janet Gaynor and Fredric March starred in the first version.” Read More

“Mac Miller’s Mom Posts Heartbreaking Tribute Photo on Instagram” – Billboard

“Mac Miller’s mother, Karen Meyers, posted a tribute to her late son over the weekend, simply captioned with the broken-heart emoji. News of the rapper’s shocking death hit the world on Friday afternoon, with a TMZ report citing an apparent overdose.” Read More




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