Global Immigration

“Sessions says he plans a 50 percent surge in immigration judges” – Politico

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that he plans to increase the number of immigration judges by 50 percent by the end of the year as he welcomed a new class of such judges on Monday.” Read More

“Sweden faces political deadlock after gains by far-right party” – Reuters

“Sweden headed for a hung parliament after an election on Sunday that saw support for the nationalist Sweden Democrats surge, as one of Europe’s most liberal nations turned right amid fears over immigration.” Read More

“No wonder Germany wants more immigration – ‘400k workers needed’ to plug HUGE labour gap” – Express

“German firms are suffering from a huge shortage of skilled labour which could see businesses miss out on £27billion (€30bn) in revenue, a study by the Cologne Institute for Economic Research shows. To plug the massive gap, nearly half a million workers need to move to Germany every year, according to the IAB Institute for Employment Research.” Read More


“Pinterest Is a Unicorn. It Just Doesn’t Act Like One.” – New York Times

“Ben Silbermann does not enjoy being interviewed. He isn’t a fan of speaking at tech industry conferences. Nor does he like sitting for glossy magazine portraits. He doesn’t think he should have to explain Pinterest, the web service that allows people to save images to virtual pinboards, to anyone other than those who want to use it.” Read More

“Russia: Google removes Putin critic’s ads from YouTube” – BBC Tech

“Google has taken down YouTube ads by Alexei Navalny, a critic of President Vladimir Putin, ahead of elections for regional governors in Russia.The videos showed Mr Navalny calling for Russians to take part in protests on 9 September against raising the retirement age.” Read More

“Apple’s rumored ‘budget’ iPhone X successor may be the most intriguing iPhone” – CNET

“A year after Apple made huge — but pricey — changes to its smartphone lineup with the iPhone X, it may finally have a redesigned, cheaper phone for the rest of us.” Read  More


“Mac Miller Never Stopped Trying to Improve His Craft” – Billboard

When Mac Miller called himself “the hardest-working person in the universe” on his 2014 mixtape Faces, you had good reason to believe him. For two years at that point, we’d been hearing near-mythical stories about star-studded, marathon sessions at “The Sanctuary,” the studio Miller built in his house after he moved from his native Pittsburgh to L.A. in 2012.” Read More

“Toronto: ‘A Star Is Born’ Rockets Into Oscar Contention at North American Premiere” – Hollywood Reporter

“In my 12 years of covering the Toronto International Film Festival, I have seen a lot of movies go over huge north of the border — JunoSlumdog MillionaireSilver Linings Playbook and the list goes on — but I have never seen a film evoke the sort of response that the North American premiere of A Star Is Born did Sunday night at the Elgin Theatre.” Read More

“The 200 Best Albums of the 1980s” – Pitchfork

“Sometimes it feels like the neon thumbprint of the 1980s never went away. It’s arguably the defining throwback aesthetic of American culture today, from the TV series we reboot to the prints we wear. And when it comes to its music, well, that’s even more ubiquitous: The decade was one of great upheaval and innovation, and the seeds it planted continue to flourish.” Read More

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