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Global Immigration

‘Incredibly chaotic’: Trump administration scrambles to reunite migrant families as deadline looms” – NBC News

“For 24 hours, attorney Ofelia Calderon couldn’t find her client, Bety Mena Torres, a migrant who had been depressed since she was separated from her daughter at the border. Mena had been held in Port Isabel Detention Center since June, but last week Calderon received a call from another detainee saying that Mena had disappeared. After a frantic search, including checking the government’s locator service, she found that Mena had been moved to a detention center in Pearsall, Texas.” Read More

“Some migrant parents may not reunite with children for years, experts warn” – The Guardian

“Donald Trump may have put an end to his family separation policy last month, but some migrant parents may not reunite with their children for years, experts have warned, due to the many obstacles of rejoining children with their parents.” Read More

“Workplace Arrests Have Soared As The Trump Administration Steps Up Immigration Enforcement” – Buzzfeed

“Enforcement of immigration laws at worksites has soared under the Trump administration, according to new statistics released Tuesday by Immigration and Customs Enforcement.” Read More


“Facebook Stock Plunges as Earnings Disappoint and Growth Outlook Dims” – New York Times

“The sharp stock decline came a day after Facebook, one of the largest publicly traded companies in the United States, reported disappointing second-quarter earnings. Of particular concern to investors was Facebook’s warning that revenue growth rates would continue to slow sharply in the coming quarters.”Read More

“Amazon tool flags Congress members as suspects” – BBC Tech

“The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) compared official photos of the politicians with a database of public arrest photos. Amazon took issue with the findings, saying the system needed to be set at 95% accuracy not the 80% used by ACLU. But the civil rights group said it highlighted the inadequacy of facial recognition technology.” Read More

“Spotify hits 180M users but loses €394M in tepid Q2 earnings” – TechCrunch

“Spotify is racing to sign up users before Apple Music can, even at the expense of its finances. Spotify’s second quarter as a public company saw mixed performance compared to estimate as it reached 83 million paid subscribers, up 40 percent year-over-year and up 8 million from its 75 million count last quarter.” Read More


“Box-Office Preview: ‘Mission Impossible-Fallout’ Eyes $50M-Plus U.S. Debut” – Hollywood Reporter

“Paramount’s Mission: Impossible — Fallout will easily win this weekend’s box-office race. The big question is how close it comes to matching the $55.5 million domestic launch of the last film in the action franchise, starring Tom Cruise as indefatigable spy Ethan Hunt.” Read More

“Bart & Fleming: The Danger In The ‘Rub & Tug’ Shaming Of Scarlett Johansson & The Disney Banishment Of James Gunn” – Deadline

“We haven’t done this back and forth for a while, but it’s worth addressing the dangerous corner Hollywood studios have been backed into. At the risk of feeding my arm into a wood chipper, I would like to offer a contrarian view of the Scarlett Johansson Rub & Tug thing, and a conspiracy theory on Disney’s stunning banishment of Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn from the Marvel Comics Universe.” Read More

“The 50 Greatest Special Effects Movies Of All Time” – The A.V. Club

“For about as long as there have been movies, there have been special effects. That’s no exaggeration: The medium was only a few years old when people began finding ways to toy with the reality of what the motion-picture camera was capturing, creating tricks from quirks in photographic science.” Read More

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