Global Immigration

Immigration documentary’s protagonist faces deportation” – Washington Post

“The protagonist of an award-winning documentary chronicling the plight of immigrants held at a for-profit facility was supposed to be celebrating at a film premiere in Miami. Instead, Claudio Rojas is back at another immigration detention facility’s cell, facing deportation.” Read More

“After criticism, Charlotte’s mayor issues letter to immigrants on edge over ICE raids” – Charlotte Observer

“Last week, immigrants and activists in Charlotte lit into Charlotte City Council and Mayor Vi Lyles in particular for not doing enough amid stepped-up federal enforcement from Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents.” Read More

“The Latest: Hungarian govt dismisses Macron’s EU call” – The Tribune

“The Hungarian government is dismissing French President Emmanuel Macron’s call for voters to reject nationalists in May’s European Parliament elections.” Read More


“Why Napalm Is a Cautionary Tale for Tech Giants Pursuing Military Contracts” – New York Times

“Over the past few months, a fierce debate has erupted in Silicon Valley over whether large technology companies like Amazon, Google and Microsoft should join forces with the United States military, along with agencies like Immigration and Customs Enforcement.” Read More

“Mystery as Quadriga crypto-cash goes missing” – BBC Tech

“Efforts to recover millions in crypto-cash from the digital wallets of a man who died without revealing passwords to access them have hit a snag.The wallets have been found to be empty.” Read More

“A second patient appears to be cured of H.I.V., sparking new hope for a novel treatment” – TechCrunch

“Twelve years after a first patient was identified as cured of H.I.V., the virus that causes AIDS, a second patient undergoing similar treatment was diagnosed as in long-term remission, according to a New York Times reportciting an article in to be published tomorrow in the journal Nature.” Read More


“‘Captain Marvel’: Film Review” – Hollywood Reporter

“Brie Larson stars as the titular hero in the Marvel adaptation, also featuring Samuel L. Jackson, Jude Law, Gemma Chan and Annette Bening.” Read More

“Pilot Locations 2019: Vancouver Business Booming, Atlanta Rebounds, Chicago MIA, Los Angeles Ties Low” – Deadline

“The number of broadcast drama pilots dropped this year to what may be an all-time low of 35, down from 41 in 2018.” Read More

“‘I Don’t Think Time Heals This One’: Part 2 of ‘Leaving Neverland’ Shows No True Way Out For Alleged Victims” – Billboard

“Part one of Leaving Neverland, the Dan Reed-directed documentary that premiered Sunday night (Feb. 3) on HBO and focused on the claims of abuse at the hands of Michael Jackson by former child stars Wade Robson and James Safechuck, would seem to have been the worst of it.” Read More

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