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Global Immigration

“Muslim Travel Ban: Less Immigration And Few Waivers” – Forbes

“During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump called for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.” Read More

“Judge: Immigration Must Account For Thousands More Migrant Kids Split Up From Parents” – NPR

“A federal judge decided Friday to expand a class action lawsuit to include thousands more migrant families separated at the border before the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy was announced in 2018.” Read More

“Opinion: EU immigration policy is grist to the far-right mill” – DW News

“Seven different EU immigration policy reform bills have been on the table for the last three years. And for three years, the bloc’s interior ministers have been fighting over them.” Read More


“How the Internet Travels Across Oceans” – New York Times

“Nearly 750,000 miles of cable already connect the continents to support our insatiable demand for communication and entertainment. ” Read More

“Facebook sues over ‘data-grabbing’ quizzes” – BBC Tech

“The firm says anyone who wanted to take the quizzes was asked to install browser extensions, which then lifted data ranging from names and profile pictures to private lists of friends.” Read More

“Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez says labor should not fear automation” – TechCrunch

“It’s impossible to discuss the seismic shift toward automation without a conversation about job loss. Opponent of these technologies criticize a displacement that could some day result wide scale unemployment among what is often considered “unskilled” roles.” Read More


“Box Office: How ‘Captain Marvel’s’ $455M Global Bow Shattered the Glass Ceiling” – Hollywood Reporter

“The superhero pic scored the biggest worldwide launch of all time for a female-led movie after winning over moviegoers both in the U.S. and overseas.” Read More

“New WGA Document Dump Slams ‘Ruthless, Self-Serving Agents’ Ahead Of Meeting With ATA On Tuesday” – Deadline

“Painting a grim picture of “these ruthless, self-serving agents,” the WGA today released five new position papers on its key demands for a new franchise agreement with the Association of Talent Agents.” Read More

“La Musa Awards 2019: Latin Songwriters Hall of Fame Announces Daddy Yankee, Ivy Queen & More Nominees” – Billboard

“The Hall of Fame has opened up voting to determine this year’s six honorees. Vote for your favorite artists!” Read More

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