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Daily News Clips 12/13/2018 - D'Alessio Law Group
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Global Immigration

“Opinion: Public charge and the future of immigration” – Detroit News

“The future of immigration in America is very much at stake right now. Yet, it’s not the threat of the so-called “caravan,” nor attempts to gut asylum law. It has nothing to do with the “Muslim ban” or building a southern border wall.” Read More

“Over 30 cities oppose Trump proposal on immigration benefits” – The Hill

“A coalition of 32 cities led by New York and Chicago have come out in opposition to a Trump administration proposal that would link welfare and immigration benefits.” Read More

“Revealed: Coventry popular with EU migrants after Brexit vote” – Coventry Telegraph

“Brexit has not deterred more EU citizens from moving to Coventry, official figures show. The number of EU citizens living in the city – which voted to leave the EU in the 2016 referendum – has risen by around 5,000 since that vote, according to the latest estimates from the Office for National Statistics.” Read More


“Amazon uses dummy parcels to catch thieves” – BBC Tech

“Amazon has teamed up with police in the US in an effort to stop thieves who steal parcels left outside homes. Officers in New Jersey are planting dummy boxes fitted with GPS trackers, coupled with hidden doorbell cameras, at homes around the city.” Read More

Apple to Build $1 Billion Texas Campus and Thousands of Jobs Across U.S.” – New York Times

“Apple said on Thursday that it would expand its operations in Austin, Tex., with a new $1 billion campus that would nearly double the size of the company’s current 6,000-employee work force in the area.” Read More

“Companies tracking mutations in cancer cells can provide a key to unlocking better therapies” – TechCrunch

“Investors and entrepreneurs are beginning to bring new diagnostic tools to market that promise better results for cancer patients through the identification of mutations in cancer cells that can create more targeted therapies.” Read More


“Box Office Revenue Hits $11B in U.S., Guaranteeing a Record 2018” – Hollywood Reporter

“The domestic box office continues to defy expectations, with 2018 revenue hitting $11 billion on Tuesday and on its way to finishing the year with a record-shattering haul well north of the $11.4 billion collected in 2016.” Read More

“Aaron Sorkin Talks ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’: Atticus, Trump And The New Voice That Stirred A Lawsuit – Deadline Q&A” – Deadline

“Several years ago, producer Scott Rudin contacted Aaron Sorkin with an idea that was either bold or insane: A new To Kill A Mockingbird. For the stage. Harper Lee’s beloved 1960 book became a just-as-beloved (maybe more so) 1962 movie that left what could easily be assumed to be an indelible, irreplaceable imprint on our cultural memory.” Read More

“How Logic Triumphed Over Depression and Haters In 2018” – Billboard

““I am so happy,” he says. He’s at peace. Found bliss. “I do,” he emphasizes, in case it’s not yet clear, “want you to know that I’m very happy.” To celebrate, he recently bought and refurbished a ’67 Ford Bronco that he painted light blue, the color of the sky over the ocean on a sunny day.” Read More


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