Global Immigration

“Will liberal Oregon embrace Trump’s agenda? Ballot measure seeks to repeal sanctuary law protecting immigrants” – USA Today

“When Julieta Cordova declined to leave a tip at a Portland-area restaurant in early October, she didn’t expect her ethnicity to become an issue.” Read More

“Legal immigrants who abuse public benefits are now more likely to be deported” – Miami Herald

“New Trump administration guidelines that expand the list of reasons for which immigrants can be summoned before an immigration judge to start deportation procedures will take effect Monday, Oct. 1.” Read More

“Sessions seeks to expand power on immigration cases” – The Hill

“Attorney General Jeff Sessions appears to be exploring a rule that would expand his judicial power, and that some say would allow him to drastically reshape federal immigration policy.” Read More


“Republicans Find a Facebook Workaround: Their Own Apps” – New York Times

“Imagine a society in which everyone more or less agrees with you. You wake up in the morning to online greetings from people who share your views on guns, religion and country.”  Read More

“‘Instagram used more than Snapchat’ by US teens” – BBC Tech

“Instagram has overtaken Snapchat as the most used social media app among US teens, according to a study. A total of 8,600 teenagers were surveyed for investment bank Piper Jaffray’s twice-annual look at so-called Generation Z’s habits.’ Read More

“Why rural areas can’t catch a break on speedy broadband” – CNET

“When Galen Manners was offered a promotion at his job, he didn’t want to relocate to the big city from his family in rural Kansas, where he helped his two brothers run their 2,000-acre farm in his spare time.” Read More


“Netflix’s New $2 Billion In Borrowing Raises Wall Street Eyebrows” – Hollywood Reporter

“The streamer’s long-term debt has soared north of $10 billion, though Moody’s says ratings and outlook remain stable.” Read More

‘The Walking Dead’ Ratings Dip To Series Low As Andrew Lincoln’s Exit Approaches” – Deadline

“Three episodes into Season 9 of The Walking Dead and things are in a high-wire state of flux, and we’re not just talking about how Andrew Lincoln will be leaving the AMC series based on Robert Kirkman’s zombie apocalypse comics come November 4.” Read More

“Play It Again, Max: How the Piano Riff to Britney Spears’ ‘Baby One More Time’ Became the Most Iconic Hook of Its Era” – Billboard

“Twenty years ago this month, Britney Spears released her epochal debut single “…Baby One More Time.” This week, Billboard celebrates the pivotal pop classic two decades later, starting with a look back at the three-note Max Martin piano riff that introduced Britney to the world.” Read More


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