Global Immigration

“Trump threatens military action if Mexico doesn’t stop immigration ‘onslaught'” – The Hill

President Trump on Thursday warned that he may take military action to stop immigrants from crossing the southern border into the U.S. if Mexico does not take action to stop the “onslaught.” Read More

“California Sanctuary Law Divides State In Fierce Immigration Debate” – NPR

“In California, a new state law that took effect earlier this year is pitting cities against each other in a fierce debate over immigration.” Read More

“Asian immigrants are underrepresented on TV despite being fastest growing immigrant population” – NBC

“Asian immigrants are underrepresented on television despite having outnumbered new Latino immigrants since 2010, a new study examining the portrayal of immigrants on television found.” Read More


“Who’s Winning the Social Media Midterms?” – New York Times

“After President Trump’s popularity on social media helped propel him to an upset victory in 2016, Democrats vowed to catch up.” Read More

“British tech giant in Khashoggi dilemma” – BBC Tech

“In 2016 the company widely seen as the jewel in the crown of the UK technology sector was sold. Japan’s Softbank paid a whopping £24bn for the Cambridge-based smartphone chip designer ARM Holdings, part of an epic spending spree which has seen it invest in a whole range global tech firms.” Read More

“These are the most successful companies to emerge from Y Combinator” – TechCrunch

“Earlier this month, Brex, a credit card provider to startups, announced it had raised $125 million at a $1.1 billion valuation.” Read More


“Jason Blum on Reviving ‘Halloween,’ Ignoring Hollywood Rules and Enduring “Psychological Toll” From Weinstein” – Hollywood Reporter

“The Hollywood Reporter’s Producer of the Year defied every norm on his path to $3.8  billion at the box office, two Oscar noms and two Emmys, sticking to microbudgets even for blockbuster franchises. ” Read More

“‘First Reformed’ And ‘The Favourite’ Top Gotham Awards Nominations” – Deadline

First ReformedThe Favourite and Eighth Grade were among the most-recognized films in the 28th annual Gotham Awards nominations, which were announced this morning.” Read More

“At Home With Avril Lavigne, Who’s Finally Back (And Totally Ready to Party)” – Billboard

“The princess is Avril Lavigne, who anointed herself on her 2007 No. 1 single “Girlfriend.” The castle — a Tudor home in an illustriously ZIP-coded L.A. neighborhood — is the only thing Lavigne has presided over since a tour that ended in 2014.” Read More

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