Global Immigration

“Lawmakers Seek to Break Immigration Impasse” – Wall Street Journal

“The committee tasked with hammering out a deal on border security will meet for the first time on Wednesday, with a deadline to avert a second government shutdown looming.” Read More

“Kirstjen Nielsen spars with House Dems on oversight as Trump’s immigration team pushes back” – USA Today

“House Democrats’ first attempts at oversight of President Donald Trump’s immigration enforcement team have been rocky, with a second agency head in as many weeks turning down invitations to testify before congressional committees.” Read More

“US immigration authorities detail so-called return-to-Mexico guidance for migrants” – CNN

“The Trump administration officially laid out its new policy to force migrants seeking asylum in the United States to remain Mexico to await their immigration court proceedings — a significant change in US asylum policy.” Read More


“How to Save on Your Next Apple Purchase” – New York Times

“Gadgets like Apple’s iPhone have become so powerful and durable that you can wait many years before buying a new one. The bad news is that your next upgrade will probably cost a lot more.” Read More

“Apple bans Facebook’s Research app that paid users for data” – TechCrunch

“In the wake of TechCrunch’s investigation yesterday, Apple blocked Facebook’s Research VPN app before the social network could voluntarily shut it down.” Read More

“Thrown to the wolves’ – the women who drive for Uber and Lyft” – BBC Tech

“Chrystle Barajas, a 44-year-old single mother, said she had tried to hide her fear as her passenger had described his fantasy of having sex with a single mother.” Read More


“Sundance: Amazon Buys ‘Brittany Runs a Marathon’ for $14M” – Hollywood Reporter

“The film about a woman training for a marathon was written and directed by Paul Downs Colaizzo and stars Jillian Bell.” Read More

“Still The Smartest Guy On The Hill 30 Years After Sex, Lies & Videotape: Steven Soderbergh Unravels Hollywood Chaos” – Deadline

“It’s three decades ago that Steven Soderbergh’s debut sex lies & videotape won the top Sundance Film Festival prize and turned the indie film into an industry after his $1 million film grossed $36 million for Miramax. ” Read More

“50 Years Ago, The Beatles Played Their Final Rooftop Concert: Here’s What It Felt Like” – Billboard

“It was a frigid day on the Apple Corps rooftop in late January 1969, but the Beatles showed up anyway — to play to a smattering of staffers and a camera crew. ” Read More

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