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A new travel guidance announcement from the Center of Disease Control (CDC) specifies warnings regarding travel on long plane rides or cruise ship voyages. Given the scope of the Coronavirus Disease, we urge all international travelers to heed these precautions, and to familiarize themselves with the restrictions and recommendations made by the CDC and Department of State before traveling.

The CDC recommends that travelers with underlying health issues to avoid all cruise ship travel worldwide, and that older adults and travelers with health issues should avoid situations and travel logistics that could put them at an increased risk of severe disease. The CDC specifies that this could include any forms of travel that require travelers to be in crowded places, long plane trips, and especially cruise ship travel. 

This guidance comes as the United States has confirmed over 500 cases of contracted coronavirus within its borders, while other countries have announced various travel restrictions in an effort to combat the spreading of the virus. The U.S. Department of State has announced a Level 4 warning in regards to traveling to Italian areas Lombardy and Veneto, a country that has been hit particularly hard by the Coronavirus in recent days, while a Level 3 warning has been announced in regards to traveling to greater Italy. 

Italy has announced the most comprehensive travel lockdown in the country’s history during peacetime by suspending all flights coming in and out of Milan, and suspending most travel along its northern border. 

Our team is closely monitoring any updates regarding travel restrictions and guidance announcements relating to the coronavirus disease. If you have any questions please reach out to your D’Alessio Law Group professional.

UPDATE: Italy has extended its emergency measures nationwide. Passengers departing or arriving on flights will have to justify themselves and their travel as “essential,” while all public events are basically cancelled for the foreseeable future.

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