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Special Exemptions for Canadians

Canadians enjoy several benefits of Canadian citizenship when entering the United States. They can enter the United States in visitor/tourist status for temporary periods of time without the need for a visa or interview at a U.S. Consulate.

In addition to entering the US as a visitor, Canadians are visa exempt for many temporary worker categories.  Canadians can enter the US pursuant to an approved USCIS petition in several categories including: H-1b Specialty Occupation Employee, E-2 Investor, O Alien of Extraordinary Ability/Achievement, and P Performing Groups/Athletes/Culturally Unique.

Canadians can also apply for some visas at a US port of entry with no need for a pre-approved USCIS petition or US Consulate visa interview. Those visas include the TN visa for certain professionals, F-1 Student visa (if the school has provided the required USCIS documentation); L-1 Intracompany Transferees/Managers or Executives, and the B-1 visa for Business Visitors.

Although Canadians travel to the United States with relative ease compared to many other countries, Canadians should be careful to comply with all USCIS requirements both at the border and after entry to the United States. Canadians, like other foreign nationals, must take care to remain in valid status by fulfilling the duties of their employment or other visa category requirements. Canadians and other foreign nationals must avoid activities that violate their status such as accepting unauthorized employment; overstaying visa time limitations or taking any other action that would otherwise violate their status. The result of violating your status may be severe, such as triggering a 5 or10 year bar on your admission to the US.



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