D ‘Alessio Law Group is an award winning global law firm practicing in the area of US immigration and entertainment law. D’Alessio Law Group was founded on the premise of providing high quality legal representation with a focus on excellent client service and individualized attention by those who have personal experience with cross border business and immigration. On the immigration side, we offer a particular level of expertise to businesses of all sizes, individuals and families who seek to immigrate to the United States to invest and or work in the entertainment and tech industries. It is our objective to provide the best representation possible as we help our clients achieve their goals in a fast and effective manner.

  • Juliana Leite Immigration & Corporate Of Counsel
  • Danielle Grashel
    Danielle Grashel Executive Assistant
  • Renee Percy
    Renee Percy Director of Communications
  • Carolyne Witham
    Carolyne Witham Business Development Director
  • Elke Osadnik
    Elke Osadnik Head of Business Affairs
  • Noam Friedlander
    Noam Friedlander Director of Business Affairs
  • Yana GoodDay
    Yana GoodDay (Moscow, Russia) Business Development Associate
  • Rahnuma Panthaky
    Rahnuma Panthaky Business Development Associate
  • Amanda Smith
    Amanda Smith Business Development Associate
  • Chris Cubbison
    Chris Cubbison PR Communications Associate
  • Adam Fox
    Adam Fox Case Manager
  • Eddie Perez
    Eddie Perez Case Writer
  • Nicholas Mata
    Nicholas Mata Case Writer
  • Devin Bierman
    Devin Bierman Case Writer
  • Colleen McFarlane
    Colleen McFarlane Legal Assistant
  • Minzee Choi
    Minzee Choi Legal Assistant
  • Linnea Peery
    Linnea Peery Senior Case Analyst
  • Rosie Howe
    Rosie Howe Case Analyst
  • It’s not exaggeration for me to say that DLG changed my life! What an amazing experience to work with such a highly dedicated, skilled and caring group of professionals.  The U.S. Immigration process can be daunting to say the least, but the people at DLG are not only well-versed in the nuances of this system, they are organized, methodical, systematic and thorough. And oh yes, wait for it… polite, friendly and helpful! These are people I want on my team for years to come. Thank you DLG!  

    Hunter Phoenix
    Hunter Phoenix Actress
  • I am so grateful to D’Alessio Law Group for their expertise, acumen and professionalism in helping us achieve our Immigration goals! Lorraine D’Alessio, Liz Profumo and the DLG team streamlined and successfully executed the process for our immigration to the United States from Canada -- an especially challenging process considering the ongoing political climate in the US.  We are looking forward to our continued global expansion, and continue to stay in contact with Lorraine and team for all of our immigration needs.  As the female founder of SheEO, it is my absolute pleasure to collaborate with and to support a fellow female founder and female-run company!

    Vicki Saunders
    Vicki Saunders Founder, SheEO
  • As the leading legaltech scaling start up in SouthernCalifornia, we needed business and immigration lawyers who have the most cutting edge knowledge and expertise for our global growth. We are complex. But, they know how to get in front of that and make the process simply stress free every step of the way. Thanks D’Alessio. CoParenter, Founder, Johanthan Verk

    Johanthan Verk
    Johanthan Verk CoParenter, Founder,
  • DLG has been critical to the success of our foreign to US gaming initiatives from a legal standpoint. Not just in regard to the strategy of the mobility of talent from each individual player and team we bring in but also our development and expansion as a company globally. General Counsel, Raquel Colby, GAMMA ENTERPRISES. (INC 500 COMPANY)

    Raquel Colby
    Raquel Colby Counsel, GAMMA ENTERPRISES
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