D ‘Alessio Law Group is an award winning global law firm practicing in the area of US immigration and entertainment law. D’Alessio Law Group was founded on the premise of providing high quality legal representation with a focus on excellent client service and individualized attention by those who have personal experience with cross border business and immigration. On the immigration side, we offer a particular level of expertise to businesses of all sizes, individuals and families who seek to immigrate to the United States to invest and or work in the entertainment and tech industries. It is our objective to provide the best representation possible as we help our clients achieve their goals in a fast and effective manner.

  • Jordana Schwartz Senior Associate Attorney
  • Kelly Decsy Senior Associate Attorney
  • Lila Janakievski
    Lila Janakievski Chief Financial Officer / Chief Operating Officer
  • Adrienne Moradkhanian
    Adrienne Moradkhanian Director of Finance/Administration and Human Resources
  • Stéphanie Rainin Director of Immigration Services - Western Europe
  • Leonard J. Scheiner
    Leonard J. Scheiner Director of Marketing & Operations
  • Jo Charles
    Jo Charles A/R and Collection Specialist
  • Maria Espinoza
    Maria Espinoza Administrative Assistant
  • Michael Linowitz
    Michael Linowitz Business Development
  • Jaime Rubio
    Jaime Rubio Administrative Assistant
  • Dio Rivera
    Dio Rivera Receptionist
  • Amanda Smith
    Amanda Smith Business Development Associate
  • Ingrid Ambriz Mata
    Ingrid Ambriz Mata Case Manager
  • Rachel Schow
    Rachel Schow Case Manager
  • Daly Chapin
    Daly Chapin Operations Associate
  • Chris Cubbison
    Chris Cubbison PR Communications Associate
  • Jay Pounders
    Jay Pounders Client Services Manager
  • Yulia King
    Yulia King Senior Supervising Paralegal/Head of Business Affairs Russia
  • Patrick Rowe
    Patrick Rowe Global Mobility Speciality
  • Olivia Thuma
    Olivia Thuma Senior Immigration Paralegal
  • Devin Bierman
    Devin Bierman Case Writer
  • Dylan Cheely
    Dylan Cheely Case Writer
  • Robert McCormack
    Robert McCormack Head Writer
  • Daniel Backer
    Daniel Backer Case Writer
  • Nicholas Mata
    Nicholas Mata Case Writer
  • Brian Mietty
    Brian Mietty Case Writer
  • Eddie Perez
    Eddie Perez Case Writer
  • Keenan May
    Keenan May Case Writer
  • Frances Hayden Immigration Law Of Counsel
  • Erica Stambler U.S. Entertainment Law Of Counsel
  • Evelyn Ackah Canadian Immigration Counsel
  • Jack C. Sung Of Counsel
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