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Advanced, Internationally coordinated immigration services.

The global marketplace requires an international business strategy, which involves the need to move your team and talent across borders with ease.

But securing proper work visas and residency permits and guaranteeing unhindered business travel is not the only aspect you need to consider when charting your path. Business planning also requires you to pursue a strategic approach to immigration. Given changing attitudes to immigration, as well as rapidly changing international immigration policy around the world, staying up to speed is now more important than ever in the scope of your professional and personal goals.

Which means that working with an established immigration law service provider is critical to your ongoing success. Having an experienced leader with a global reach and years of experience working with government entities is necessary to securing proper work visas for your team.

An encompassing approach to immigration matters

Our expert team works closely with colleagues in Global Tax Services, Human Resources, and Employment Law to provide legal advice with a focused, all-encompassing, business focus. Our network of international immigration specialists has the commercial wisdom, the local relationships, and the abundance of first-hand experience to assist you throughout your immigration and global mobility strategy.

We offer a full spectrum of immigration-related legal services, including:

  • Personalized immigration assistance
  • Work and temporary permit applications
  • Citizenship and permanent residency applications
  • Co-ordinated worldwide migration
  • Immigration audits 
  • Calculated planning and compliance advice
  • Drafting and implementation of mobility policies
  • Advice on entry permission for investors

D’Alessio Law Group Legal Services: global immigration law

Our global standing and vast knowledge of immigration policy and practices permits us to coordinate personalized service, enabling you to take control of immigration compliance and business strategy where you operate — or are considering operating.

With offices in Los Angeles, London, New York, Toronto and around the world, D’Alessio Law Group is equipped to handle all global mobility needs with the flexibility of a client-focused law firm, and with the creative, strategic approach of a leader within the international immigration law community. 

Contact us to learn more about D’Alessio Law Group’s Global Mobility Services, and about how we can best assist you throughout your strategic immigration needs and visa process. 

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