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A Message from D'Alessio Law Group - D'Alessio Law Group
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It is our duty to use our voice and resources to call out injustices as they occur.  Due to recent events and the inspiring action we are seeing by organizers and protests around the country and world, we want to clearly voice our position on the violence and discrimination facing black people in the United States.

Racism and bigotry are unacceptable. We support equality, as well as the necessary measures and changes needed to combat those who perpetuate racially motivated violence and injustice. What has happened and is happening now to black people, including George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless others has no place in our world and will not be tolerated. DLG supports protesters who are asserting their constitutional right to be heard and to peacefully assemble, as well as the vital changes in policy and policing needed to ensure the safety of black people, as well as people of color, in this country.

We regret that it has taken such extreme circumstances for this cause to be nationally recognized, and for us to understand the need to speak up and use our voice. We refuse to be complacent – and refuse to accept anything less than deep, systemic change. 

We urge everyone to continue to drive substantive change by speaking up when people are being treated unfairly, to review politicians’ voting records and vote accordingly, to actively participate in legislation and programs to combat systemic problems and police brutality, to think about and recognize biases and privileges, to speak with friends, family members, coworkers and others about these issues, to read and understand the historical context of current day events, and to engage in other activities that improve our society and the safety of those who suffer from its injustices.

We are educating ourselves as to how we as a company can better serve our communities and urge our followers, coworkers, clients, friends, and colleagues in the legal community to do the same. We do not want to feel comfortable or complacent with the efforts we have made — there is no end point here.

We sincerely hope through these times that you and your loved ones are safe and healthy. Despite the many hardships we are facing today, we are confident that they will lead to a better and brighter tomorrow for all, and look forward to being a part of that more equal and just future. We are inspired by the youth and by those who are fighting hard to make their voices heard. 

We ask that you donate your time, resources, attention, and empathy towards the following organizations and petitions that are fighting hard for systemic change. Reach out to us with any additional organizations and we will be sure to add them to this list.


Black Lives Matter

American Civil Liberties Union

National Lawyers Guild: Mass Defense Fund 

Black Visions Collective

National Police Accountability Project


Justice for George Floyd

Justice for Ahmaud Arbery

Justice for Breonna Taylor

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