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Getting ready for a vacation can be a grueling task. From packing the bags to scheduling travel, there’s no doubt that setting up the perfect vacation can seem like a daunting hurdle to cross before you’re sipping mai-tais on the beach. Worst of all, finding the perfect person to keep your dog active and healthy while you’re away can be a challenging undertaking. But even if you found the right person to dog-sit Sparky while you’re globetrotting, the possible anxiety or restlessness your dog might feel while you’re gone could have an impact on the dog’s long term health or vitality.

Enter Pebby, a sophisticated robotics company that designs and manufactures pet products aimed to bridge the gap and interaction between pets and parents while parents are traveling for work or on vacation. A Sybo Tech Singapore developed company, Pebby is the world’s most advanced robotic pet sitter, and has worked wonders in enabling pet owners to interact with pets from anywhere in the world using a highly innovative system programmed by Pebby engineers.

The company, which has been featured and praised by a number of publications and networks including USA Today, Entrepreneur, ABC News and Martha Stewart Living, has an extensive line of products that owners can use remotely to interact with their dogs, including such popular products as the Pebby Cherry, the Pebby Collar, Pebby Letters, and Pebby Paw, to only name a few. Remote controlled through app based technology, these products provide parents with key insights into pet’s rest and playtime, along with a breakdown of behavioral patterns.

The company recently hit the SANS expo at this year’s CES 2018 conference to showcase the camera-based technology that allows parents to see their loved ones from remote locations. Have a look yourself via Digital Trends:

There no doubt that keeping in contact with your pet while you’re away will help ease your dog’s heartache as you pack your bags into the car or taxi taking you away to your vacation spot. As Pebby continues to broaden its reach with other products aimed at strengthening your relationship with your dog, we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop as these products become available.

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