VidCon 2018 is officially over, and boy, it was a success! There’s just something special about a community coming together to celebrate a shared passion, and being a part of this years’ event was truly an honor. We had the opportunity to exchange ideas, discuss recurring problems seen in the online community, and explore what the future holds for this rapidly evolving online content creation industry.

Our CEO Lorraine D’Alessio participated in multiple panels and workshops throughout the weekend, where she, as an expert resource, spoke on the future of content creation industry. To everyone who in some way connected with our team – thank you for letting us be a part of your experience this weekend.

Having the opportunity to not only be inspired, but to actually inspire other content creators and viewers of the online video industry is something we are very grateful for. For those of you who couldn’t make it out to Anaheim this weekend, here are a few things we learned from this years’ celebration and valuable tips we’re taking with us into the future:

Protect Your Intellectual Property

The beauty of the online industry is the endless possibilities to communicate with anyone in the world at any time. You are never more than a few clicks away from people living across the world, and making connections far outside your country is uniting this world in a meaningful way. To be able to share your thoughts, values and ideas across borders is the ultimate way of getting a better understanding for different cultures, lifestyles and destinies, either online or IRL.

However, living in a retweet generation comes with a great responsibility, and the understanding of how to protect your intellectual property will really help you in the long run. During her panel on Friday, Lorraine explained that with it being easy to share your content instantly, it is as easy for someone to reuse that same content, for their own profit, without permission. She addressed the importance of having representation to support you if any other users aim to copy or reproduce your work.

Be Aware of Each Platform’s Policies

Using online platforms as your number one form of expression and connection with followers, clients or fans opens up possibilities you would never see if you had to rely on IRL connections. However, if you are not aware of the policies for each platform, you could inadvertently run afoul the terms which could result in the platforms removing your content. Here, Lorraine taught us another important lesson we always should keep in mind while navigating thorough what sometimes can feel like a jungle of terms and conditions. She talked about not only reviewing the policies once, but every time they change terms of use or membership, to make sure your content is in line with the condition for each platform.

Understand Your Audience, Pitch To Like Minded Companies

Even though publishing your content online is one of todays’ most efficient ways of engaging with the world, some strategies are better than others when it comes to actually getting your target audience engaged. Lorraine was touching down on the importance of optimizing your content by pitching to relevant companies. The key is to understand the demographics of your audience, and if you can coordinate your content based on the demographics and interests of your audience, you will improve your ability to earn money outside of advertising revenue. She was also mentioning how publishing unique content across platforms could expand your reach. The more content you can run across online platforms, the better potential for reaching newer audiences.

This weekend really gave us an insight in what the industry looks like today and the huge potential that lies in the future of online creation. We were also amazed by the fact that a majority of the creators are young adults, born into an online-era where a tech talent runs through their veins from birth. Although this gives them a great understanding for what keeps the industry growing, our experience and perspectives are needed when it comes to see the business end of online video.

Seeing young kids, many of them being in their early 20’s, pursue their dreams and fearlessly throwing themselves into this cyberworld is truly inspiring. It takes courage to live out your passion, and confidence to keep believing in yourself and what you are capable of, both of which we experienced a lot of at VidCon. And we are excited to be part of what will keep their dreams growing and their inspiration to keep inspire flourish.

So, to everyone who came out to Anaheim this weekend, we are so grateful for being a part of your experience as well as the inspiration and energy you brought with you. This was not only a celebration of an industry, but of the whole community and the love we share for constant creation and development. We can’t wait to see what this year is going to bring us, and where the industry will be at next years’ event. See you at VidCon 2019!

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