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VidCon is back! From June 20th to 23rd, Youtubers, content creators and video makers will come together at the 9th annual VidCon event in Anaheim. Creators and viewers will get the chance to connect with and celebrate one of todays’ most efficient way of engaging with audiences around the world. Returning to this years’ event is our own CEO Lorraine D’Alessio, who will be speaking on the future of content creation industry as an expert resource.

The Vlogbrothers, John and Hank Green, started VidCon in 2010 to create a place where people who had only ever met on the Internet could connect in real life. Today, 8 years later, the event has expanded to over 30 000 people, and it is not only a place for creators, but a community to explore every angle of this creative online industry.

On June 22nd VidCon is giving you the chance to see DLG founding partner Lorraine D’Alessio speak on how to turn your content into a viable business. Alongside Big Noise PR’s Bronagh Hanley, Flicker Consulting’s Jodi Flicker, Rooster Teeth’s Hannah McCarthy, Rooster Teeth, and Kin Community’s Gwen Miller, Lorraine will give you practical advice on everything from budgets and publicity to metrics, distribution and promotions. Join the conversation and meet five executives who are dealing with issues like IP, PR and legal in 2018 on a daily basis.

Going into the third and last day of the convention on June 23rd, Lorraine will lead a workshop on how to know the red flags and green lights of business deals. Reading contracts is a big part of the online industry, and the ability to understand what’s put on your desk could determine the outcome of your future business deals. Lorraine will give you a better understanding of what to look for in a contract, and she will break down everything you need to know about future business deals you might be making as a creator, and how to avoid common mistakes throughout the contract process. This workshop is a unique opportunity you don’t want to miss!

In addition to Lorraine’s panels, there will be a variety of workshops, networking opportunities and presentations throughout the weekend, discussing the online industry from different perspectives.

On June 20th, the “Boss women who kick ass”-panel will share their secrets on how they started their own brands and from there cracked the code on how to grow online. You will meet five creators who launched initiatives, products, tours, shows, and more that are revolutionizing the content creation world for the better. Moderated by YouTube’s global head of social marketing Erika Bennett, these women will discuss how they got their start, as well as challenges they’ve faced along the way.

The VidCon event has become a place for the online world to connect IRL. Whether you’re an established identity, a rising star or simply a fan, VidCon is giving you the opportunity to connect with people who share the passion and love for this rapidly evolving industry. Here, people and businesses are brought together to share ideas, discuss recurring problems and explore what the future holds for the next generation of creators.

To easily find the content and activities suited to you, VidCon builds the event around three tracks – the community track, the creator track and the industry track. Are you a fan coming to VidCon to have an amazing time, making friends and being entertained by some of the best online personalities in the world? Choose the community track! However, if you are a video maker looking for inspiration on how to create higher quality content and find a bigger audience, the creator track is right for you. The third track, the industry track, is tailored to corporations, brands, and technology companies building businesses in the online video ecosystem.

Once you’ve found the right track, VidCon is all yours to explore. The Creator Chats, for example, will give you the chance to meet and learn from creators who inspire you. The hour-long chats are low-key, laid-back opportunities for attendees to gain valuable insight, perspective, and tips, related to online video, from Featured Creators. If you are looking for fun activities, you should check out the Expo hall, where you will find over 100 booths ready to entertain you.

Now, make sure to download the VidCon app to get your personalized schedule, have your tickets handy and get ready for a weekend full of inspiration. You don’t want to miss this chance to celebrate the power of online video. Don’t forget to register in advance! See you there!

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