“Jeff Sessions just reopened the door to deport 350,000 immigrants whose cases had been closed” – Vox

“The Trump administration’s biggest obstacle to scaling up deportations of unauthorized immigrants is the massive backlog in immigration courts: Almost 700,000 immigrants are waiting to have their cases decided before the government can deport them. Attorney General Jeff Sessions says he wants to fix the court backlog, but he’s just issued a policy that could add to it. Sessions opened the door to potentially reopening 350,000 deportation cases the government previously agreed to close.” Read More

“Some House GOP members warn Paul Ryan over immigration effort” – CBS

“Leaders of warring House Republican factions searched for an immigration compromise as some conservatives warned of consequences for Speaker Paul Ryan if he allowed party moderates to push a bipartisan bill through the chamber without strong GOP support. The talks Monday occurred as centrist Republicans remained five GOP signatures away from being able to force party leaders to hold votes on a series of immigration bills.” Read More

“House GOP Preps For June Immigration Battle” – NPR

“In order to quell a growing rebellion in the ranks, House GOP leaders promised Republicans Tuesday they will bring up immigration legislation in June even though that pledge threatens to divide the party and undermine the staying power of House Speaker Paul Ryan.” Read More


“Amazon Pushes Facial Recognition to Police. Critics See Surveillance Risk.” – New York Times

“In late 2016, Amazon introduced a new online service that could help identify faces and other objects in images, offering it to anyone at a low cost through its giant cloud computing division, Amazon Web Services. Not long after, it began pitching the technology to law enforcement agencies, saying the program could aid criminal investigations by recognizing suspects in photos and videos.” Read More

“Zuckerberg apologizes to European Parliament for ‘harm’” – BBC News

“Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has apologised to European Parliament lawmakers for its role in the Cambridge Analytica scandal and for allowing fake news to proliferate on its platform. Cambridge Analytica, which denies any wrongdoing, is accused of acquiring data from 87 million Facebook profiles for use in political campaigns.“ Read More

“Uber finally catches a break in Japan with pilot taxi service” – The Star

“After years of being sidelined by Japan’s laws against ride-sharing, Uber Technologies Inc won government approval for a taxi-hailing pilot programme in Japan. Starting this summer, Uber will connect local drivers and passengers in Awaji, a remote island that’s home to 120,000 people and a dozen taxi companies, the company said in a statement Tuesday.” Read More


“TV Upfront Aftermath: 9 Studio Chiefs Sound Off on Rewarding Pickups, “Painful” Passes” – Hollywood Reporter

“As Madison Avenue buyers head into a $9 billion battle over 30-second spots on the 2018-19 schedule, Hollywood’s studios are just now coming up for air. After another dizzying broadcast pilot season, they landed another 37 series on the air, a mix heavy on multicams and procedurals. But before any of those new series go back into production, The Hollywood Reporter caught up with nine studio chiefs for an honest if still raw assessment of the 2018 upfronts – the good, the bad and the truly shocking.” Read More

“Can Ron Howard Save Solo?” – New York Times

“Are you ready to have your mind blown? Sometimes Ron Howard uses swear words. Yes, most of the time, this 64-year-old filmmaker is the wholesome, good-natured guy we saw in decades’ worth of film and TV roles, the reliable director of movies like “Apollo 13” and “A Beautiful Mind”whose calm, cheerful voice narrates the manic action of “Arrested Development.” Read More

“A Candid Conversation Between Liz Phair and Snail Mail’s Lindsey Jordan” – Pitchfork

“Lindsey Jordan, the prodigious songwriter and guitar player behind Snail Mail, once performed in a Liz Phair cover band. This isn’t a revelation that the 18-year-old offers up sheepishly—it’s the first thing she says as she settles into breakfast with Phair herself at a sprawling, boho restaurant in Venice, California. “We were called Lizard Phair,” Jordan reveals in a caffeinated rush. “I would have thought of something better if I knew I would have had to say it to your face.” Read More

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