“First Appeals Court To Weigh Trump’s Decision to end DACA” – Associated Press
“The Trump administration will try to convince a U.S. appeals court Tuesday that it was justified in ending an Obama-era immigration policy that shielded hundreds of thousands of young immigrants from deportation…” Read More

“Workplace Inspections Increase In Pursuit of Illegal Hirings” – Wall Street Journal
“U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has ramped up workplace inspections, increasing audits and arrests as part of an effort to find illegal workers and deter businesses from hiring them, data released Monday showed…” Read More

“National Guard Has Eyes on the Border. But They’re Not Watching Mexico.” – New York Times
“The hundreds of National Guard troops deployed by President Trump in April are now busy securing the southern border. But when it comes to surveillance, they are forbidden from looking across it…” Read More


“Facebook Says It Deleted 865 Million Posts, Mostly Spam” – New York Times
“Facebook has been under pressure for its failure to remove violence, nudity, hate speech and other inflammatory content from its site. Government officials, activists and academics have long pushed the social network to disclose more about how it deals with such posts. Now, Facebook is pulling back the curtain on those efforts — but only so far…” Read More

“Uber stops requiring sexual misconduct victims to quietly use arbitration instead of suing” – Los Angeles Times
“As Uber continues its makeover from Silicon Valley bad boy to good corporate citizen, the ride-hailing giant announced Tuesday that it will no longer require that drivers, employees or customers who allege sexual assault or harassment go through arbitration instead of suing the company…” Read More

“Twitter algorithm changes will hide more bad tweets and trolls” – TechCrunch
“Twitter’s latest effort to curb trolling and abuse on the site takes some of the burden off users and places it on the company’s algorithms…” Read More


“Solo: A Star Wars Story’: Film Review” – The Hollywood Reporter
“It’s no accident the posters for Solo: A Star Wars Story convey a retro, ’70s-tinged vibe. Especially when following in the turbo-charged footsteps of last winter’s The Last Jedi and other recent Star Wars epics, this origins story represents a return to the saga’s more humble, original space Western roots — one that places a premium on character development over kinetic, adrenaline-fueled action sequences.” Read More

“Spike Lee teams up with Jordan Peele for the funny, pointed, uneven BlacKkKlansman” – The AV Club
“Spike Lee’s first entry in the Cannes competition lineup since 1991’s Jungle Fever, never outright mentions that it takes place in 1979. We can ballpark the year through context clues, like the ostentatiously dated fashion choices and the opportunity Lee takes to play around with the imagery and attitude of blaxploitation classics like Shaft and Coffy.” Read More

“Beastie Boys’ New Memoir to Feature Contributions From Wes Anderson, Amy Poehler & Colson Whitehead” – Billboard
“Entitled Beastie Boys Book, the 592-page volume is a “panoramic experience” rather than a conventional memoir. In addition to candid writing by Mike D and Ad-Rock themselves about their career, the book will feature illustrations, photos, a cookbook by Roy Choi, mixtape playlists, and original essays and other material by Amy Poehler, Colson Whitehead, Spike Jonze, Wes Anderson, Luc Sante, and more.” Read More

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