You don’t have to look outside of London to get a sense of the direction global tech ias headed in 2018. London’s incredible tech community is shaping the way that international businesses approach serving customers and users, and major breakthroughs in data systems is leading the charge to a more efficient tomorrow.

Take a look at a handful of London based startups that are actively changing the way we think about health care and travel/location based services.

Drayson Technologies Ltd

London’s Drayson Technologies Ltd is an innovative healthcare Internet of Things (IoT) company that actively maps the personal health space through actionable information that improves patient health and reduce costs. Drayson’s IoT networks collect data on health and the environment to better provide actionable info for doctors, patients, and individuals, while analyzing these large data sets to make new discoveries, and generate IP of value to customers.

Drayson’s digital health care system products aid in early detection that reduces disease exacerbation, while providing info to patients to help assist in self management. These solutions in turn reduce costs by cutting down on the number of hospitals and clinics, and increasing time efficiency for corresponding health care staff.


What3Words is an exciting conceptual idea and approach to talking about location. The company’s mission of dividing the world into a giant grid of 3m x 3m squares while assigning each square a unique 3-word address allows anyone in the world to accurately find a location and share it with others, leaving less room for any ambiguity. These unique three word addresses are both simple and specific, and avoid any misdirections or wrong addresses that could lead to a potentially damaging trip/delivery.

The company’s mapping technology is already used by a number of prominent international organizations and companies including the United Nations Disaster Reporting App, Mercedes-Benz, and Dominos Pizza, to only name a few. Partners in over 170 countries have ushered in this new way of finding where you need to go, with other major partnerships to be announced soon.

The company’s revolutionary approach to location technology is poised to change the way that industries around the world operate and pursue location or delivery based business.


A social marketplace for trips and vacations, Timescenery connects trusted providers in one interface so users can actually enjoy trip planning, while earning cashback for bookings with trusted suppliers, and recommendations of places with familiar services.

Timescenery aggregates data and services from sources to better inform users on the complexity of their planned trip.The company is especially user-friendly for travelers, bloggers, website owners and brands that are looking for new ways to connect with audiences and followers.

The company’s affiliate program allows users to monetize traffic and earn some extra money for their own travelers, as well as the people you invite to use the service. This one button booking process makes self-planned trips incredibly simple, and allows you to automate bookings of multiple services in an easy to use interface.

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