The vitality of a healthy infrastructure and breakthroughs in transportation tech in relation to the growth and strength of certain industries cannot be overstated, but sometimes, a revolutionary idea needs to disrupt the status quo for the future of an industry. From autonomous aircraft transportation companies, to next generation cargo transportation tech, we took a look at hardware companies that are changing the way businesses think about transporting cargo and supplies.

Elroy Air

Elroy Air is an innovative San Francisco-based aircraft company that is pushing the limits of what autonomous aircraft systems can achieve. Their approach to rotor-based vertical takeoff and landing, as well as its expertise in fixed wing cruise flight and long-range hybrid powertrain separates the company from others staking a claim in autonomous aircraft technology. The company has designed a logistics system with integrated flight and ground operations that bolster each vehicle’s safety and reliability, as well as a craft’s efficiency in transporting cargo by air.

By doing so, this enables point-to-point package delivery to businesses in far off locations, as well as potential relief or resupply in natural disasters or military based operations as well. The company has the potential to streamline transport and delivery to locations that are restricted by poor road conditions, speed limits, or the limits of regional traffic.

The company’s longstanding record in UAV systems, with veterans from MIT, Georgia Tech, Stanford, Rice, Embry-Riddle, 3D Robotics, Airware and Honeywell making up the original founding Elroy Air team, has established the company as one of the preeminent organizations of its kidn. From engineers, designers, ad product people who appreciate easy-to-use technology, Elroy Air is poised to make massive gains in the autonomous aircraft industry.

Cargo Chief

Hailed as the Uber/Kayak for Freight based delivery, Cargo Chief has quickly risen to the top of transportation tech community. Using patented and patent-pending tech to deliver customer service to shipping based businesses and suppliers, Cargo Chief’s platform allows for seamless integration resulting in the best access and visibility to available equipment. The company’s technology addresses the many needs and inefficiencies of today’s trucking industry, which already relies outdated systems to perform necessary duties.

The company’s data-emphasis provides an interesting approach to cargo services. With a repertoire of over 100,000 trucks, two hundred patent claims, and over 100 million data points, Cargo Chief is perfectly positioned to connect your loads to live available capacity and propel operations forward. Helmed by co-founder and president Russell Jones, a former co-founder of cloud-based security firms Sentinel Vision and FireEar, Cargo Chief excels at empowering 3PL companies in unlocking true potential and hidden capacity.

As a Food Logistics 2016 Champion and SDC Supply & Demand Chain’s Executive 2016 award winner, Cargo Chief will undoubtedly continue to disrupt the cargo transportation industry for the better.

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