On Monday, February 5th Senators John McCain of Arizona and Christopher Coons of Delaware introduced a bipartisan immigration bill that would grant permanent legal status to undocumented immigrants known as “Dreamers,” as well as bolster border security along the U.S.-Mexico border following months of disagreement and heated debated from Congress and the Trump administration.

This proposed bill would not immediately allow for the $25 billion in spending President Trump has pursued for strengthening the border with a new, hotly debated border wall and fence construction. This bill would grant legal status to those holding DACA status that have resided and worked in the country since 2013. The bill does not address Trump administration goals in curbing family-based legal migration, and does not propose changes to the diversity lottery program, two goals that the Trump administration has frequently made in recent months.

With the March 5th deadline to end the DACA program for dreamers approaches, it is possible that a “broader solution” introduced by senators Richard Durbin and Lindsey Graham could be a possible compromise for senators to support. It is possible that the continuing federal court case challenging the Trump administration’s decision to end the program could keep DACA operational if Congress is unable to agree upon a bipartisan solution.

This news comes just four days before Congress must reach another short-term budget spending deadline. Considering last month’s government shutdown amid talk of ongoing immigration solutions, this week could poise new challenges for both parties as they consider the best way to navigate through these talks.

D’Alessio Law Group is closely monitoring this news as well as any updates regarding DACA’s future. If you have any questions regarding this ongoing story, please reach out to your D’Alessio Law Group professional.

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