Spotlight: The DMZ at Ryerson University

Ryerson University’s DMZ is an internationally respected Canadian business incubator for tech startups that thrives at connecting these highly innovative startups and companies with the entrepreneurs, influencers, and customers to take their ideas to the next level. The DMZ focuses on creating an ideal environment for the next generation of business and tech innovators to scale their businesses, while providing access to a network of investors, customers, and experts that understand the demands of the business and tech industries.

The DMZ is ranked as the leading university-based incubator in North America, and within the top three global incubators by UBI global. The incubator has helped over 300 companies raise over $390 million in funding in the past seven years. The DMZ’s standing and experience in tech and business allows the incubator to help startups and businesses formulate a structured, repeatable, and scalable sales process, while identifying essential metrics for success and close sales, and reaching target customers in new national and international markets.

The incubator’s expansive roster of industry experts and advisors provides startups and businesses proper coaching, and legal and financial advice, to tackle the most demanding aspects of the tech and business worlds. For more information on The DMZ at Ryerson University, or requirements for applying, please visit The DMZ’s official website

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