On Friday, December 1st a federal judge ordered for the Department of Homeland Security to rescind a previously established delay on the International Entrepreneur Rule, an Obama-era rule allowing for foreign entrepreneurs to stay in the United States to run and grow their companies on a “parole” basis, without having a visa or green card.

The lawsuit argues that the Trump administration’s action in delaying the rule bypassed proper procedures in the delaying of the rule, which would have been allowed to go into effect in July 17, 2017. Friday’s news allows for the rule to go into effect immediately.

The administration had originally delayed the rule to go into effect in March 2018, eventually stating that it was likely that the administration would rescind the rule altogether.

At this point, applications for the rule are now being accepted, though it should be noted that the administration’s stated goals in rescinding the rule could affect the future of the international entrepreneur rule. The administration has stated that it is currently going through the process of rescinding the rule in 2018.

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