Recent Trump Administration Pressure Threatens Future of DACA

DEFERRED ACTION FOR CHILDHOOD ARRIVALS (DACA) was implemented under the Obama administration in 2012, and has protected over 800,000 undocumented immigrants from deportation. Prior to the election, candidate Trump voiced his opinion on DACA, and his tentative plan to end the program. Since his presidency, President Trump has executed other immigration policies that have affected the status of many immigrants across the country, but has steered clear from taking action specifically on DACA. With recent increased pressure from Trump Administration officials in the past few days, the future of DACA is at risk and may be subjected to termination within the next few days.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recently placed his disapproval behind the program, calling it unconstitutional, while stating he will not support its continuation in court. A group of state officials have threatened to sue the Trump Administration if action is not taken by September 5th, potentially challenging the stability and future of the program.

Many dreamers have been living in fear with the current rate of arrests and the termination of protections that have recently occurred. Recipients are thoroughly concerned with the access the government has to their personal information and documents. The effect that cases, including United States vs Texas and Brewer vs Arizona Dream Act Coalition, may have on DACA’s future has created even more uncertainty for the dreamer population. If the decision to keep DACA is not decided by Congress, it will then be moved to court where its survival is uncertain. The Hispanic caucus is worried that a predominantly Republican Congress will not support an act that will protect undocumented immigrants from deportation.

Trump may have previously been reluctant to end DACA due to the fact that many of these dreamers are fluent in English, working at decent jobs, have bachelor and master’s degrees, and have bought their own homes and or have started their own businesses. Trump’s recent immigration reform has focused on skilled-selective immigration and many of these dreamers deem fit into the educated and skilled classification, while bringing in a large economic revenue. The Immigrant Legal Resource Center stated that eliminating DACA employees would cut Social Security and Medicare tax by almost $24.6 billion dollars.

DACA recipients can protect themselves while waiting to hear the forthcoming of the program. Recipients may look into other temporary or permanent status options that may be feasible for their case. If one’s DACA status is expiring, they are able to renew it without experiencing any other negative repercussions. Dreamers should stay in the US for safety precautions if DACA policy changes quickly, even if they are permitted advance parole. Recipients should continue to stay out of trouble and remain informed and updated to current changes that may affect their future with DACA.

DLG experts are keeping close attention to any developments on DACA’s future. Please reach out to your DLG professional for any questions or concerns.

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