Finding And Retaining Top Talent

You already know the greatest benefit to hiring international talent: it gives you an immediate edge over your competitors. Selecting your employees from a broader, more diverse pool will naturally yield a more talented, well-rounded workforce. But a few lesser-known impacts are equally potent.

The number of global employers reporting a talent shortage has increased by 40 percent over the last decade, with an increase every year since 2009. Going global in your search for new hires prepares you for an inevitable future in which the domestic labor pool is insufficient to fulfill your hiring needs.

Bringing in international employees also yields personnel who operate with a global mindset – either specific to the culture from which they came, or internationally; the homogeneity of your workforce is reduced, and your ability to navigate global waters is vastly increased. With 97 percent of exporters in the U.S. being small businesses, it is vital for companies of every size to become proficient in international trade.

Finally, expanding your search allows you to attract and retain the best of the best. Success breeds success. When you employ the best, the best will want to work with you; that makes it easier to recruit additional top talent, further solidifying your position as a world-class leader.

    How to find top talent

As attractive as hiring international employees may be, it is no easy feat. Resist the impulse to cast an earth-sized net. Instead, begin by narrowing down the countries in which you would like to search. An immigration attorney can guide you towards where companies with your needs have been hiring successfully. Next, contact a few recruiters in the cities/countries you have chosen to focus on, further narrowing down your search based on their responses.

If your company has the resources, fly to a few of the countries to get to know the culture and work ecosystems there better. Working in tandem with each country’s economic development and trade organizations, determine which cultures have the greatest likelihood of fitting in well with your company, as well as which are most conducive to relocating the employees to the U.S.

Finally, begin working with global recruiting agencies in the handful of countries remaining to begin fielding applications and conducting interviews.

    How to on-board top talent

That was the easy part. Now you have only to bone up on U.S. immigration law and to learn precisely what is required to hire a foreign national. Alternatively, you can hire an immigration attorney, who can help your company with many of the aspects of international hiring and employee retention. A competent immigration attorney can assist you in learning the basics of immigration law before you even begin your search, making the time you spend more efficient and effective.

Additionally, they can advise potential employees regarding what they may face during the immigration process; provide a faster, more transparent on-boarding process; and help you create an immigration-related perk package for your new employees. Having each potential recruit walked through the process can decrease costly mistakes in immigration paperwork, reduce the costs associated with them abandoning the process altogether and ensure they that are happy with your company from their very first day on the job.

If you are interested in exploring your options for hiring internationally, contact D’Alessio Law Group. Their atypical approach to immigration law has yielded a 99 percent success rate, and their expertise has made them the 16th fastest growing law firm in the United States. They can help streamline the process for you from the moment you decide to hire outside of your geographic area until the employee has successfully been transplanted into your organization.

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