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D’Alessio Law Group proudly serves the technology and entertainment industries by delivering innovative legal and immigration solutions that enable companies to gain competitive advantage through capitalizing on global talent. From individuals and start up businesses to the world’s most futuristic companies, we support all of your legal and immigration needs. We create a clear path to your goals and we guide you every step of the way. No matter where you begin, or where you plan on going, we are dedicated to getting you there.

Next Gen Pet Tech: Pebby

Next Gen is an ongoing feature aimed at highlighting the incredible strides made by rising startups, entrepreneurs, programmers, and innovators pushing for a better future through groundbreaking [...]

Daily News Clips 7/20/2018

Global Immigration “To win over moderates, Democrats need a coherent immigration policy” – Los Angeles Times “Two conflicting trends emerge from a new poll conducted by the Washington Post and [...]

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